Vacation Property Rentals in Beautiful Hope Town, Bahamas
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Hope Town History

During the mid 1800's the British Imperial Lighthouse Service built a lighthouse to mark Elbow Reef, which resulted in a marked decrease in the number of wrecks. To learn more about the lighthouse on Elbow Cay please click here.

In the late eighteen hundreds an attempt was made to cultivate pineapples with the intent of exporting into the United States. Unpredictable weather along with competition resulting from the annexation of Hawaii eventually took its' toll on the pineapple industry. Unable to compete with duty-free imports from Hawaii the pineapple industry was destined not to succeed.

One industry that was thriving at this time was the sponging industry. This along with the building of schooners to transport freight and support the sponging industry provided some stability to the local economy. A decline in freight rates after the First world war combined with a fungus that destroyed most sponges in the western Atlantic resulted in both of these industries declining approaching the late thirties or the start of the Second world war.

Tourism grew in the years following the war resulting in the building of homes, which benefited the local economy. Yachtsmen discovered the wonderful shelter of Hope Town harbour located in heart of one of the prime sailing destinations in the world.

Today the Abacos beckons sailors and tourists from around the world.   

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